Ultimate Geula

6 Week Training Program

week 1

Geula Goals

Take back control of your life and get foucsed on where you want to be.  Shift out of an Egypt Mindset and into Israel Mindset.

week 2

Kosher Transformation

Stay protected from Ego-driven desires and learn how the Torah gives us the power to change.

week 3

Mechanics of the Mind

Learn the nuts and bolts of Human Consciousness and the motivating forces that drive habits and behaviour.

week 4

Introduction to Devekut

Learn the lost art of Hitbonenut and how to rapidly enter into profound deep states of focus, awareness and relaxation.

week 5

Personal Transformation Techniques

Learn powerful and proffessional tools from Clinical NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Guided Imagery and more.

week 6

Kabbalah Unifications

Learn to use your new tools to connect and unify all dimensions of reality and reveal the Infiniteness oneness of the Creator.

Focused Training Tracks



Learn the Torah secrets how to bond with your soulmate and fill your home with love and unity and peace.


Health & Fitness

Personal nutrition and fitness training to serve Hashem with optimal and abundant health.


Financial Freedom

Learn professional proven strategies to invest and create abundant, passive wealth.


Spiritual Heights

Learn how to experience the ecstasy and bliss of prayer, Shabbat and other mitzvot.