The Ultimate


Coaching program that teaches you step by step how to start living geula today!

Learn Professional tools to Supercharge your Emuna and Bitachon, cultivate Unity consciousness and bring down abundant oceans of Health, Wealth and Love.

We live in a crazy world.

And in this chaos there are 2 types of people.

There are those who wait for geula.

And there are those who live it.

Are You...

Do You...

if so, then stop waiting for geula and start living it!

Geula is Now!

The Kabbalah and Chassidic masters of the generation have said that the world is ready for the ultimate redemption and the next stage for human civilization. Contrary to what we see happening in the world, the collective consciousness of humanity has shifted. All that is left to do, is open our eyes.

just Imagine if...

Imagine if...

You had the energy...

Imagine  being in the greatest shape of your life. Imagine having  youthful energy and vitality to do the things that are most important to you. 

you had the time...

Imagine if you had the financial freedom to give your family the security they need and to have the peace of mind to focus on doing what you love. 

you had the love...

Imagine if you could create an unbreakable bond that filled your home with the blissful light, bracha and peace of the Shechina.

One must prepare for the geula by becoming accustomed to Living Geula and make your day a day of personal Geula. This has the power to affect the entire world.

Lubavitcher Rebbe

Rabbi Rome

Shalom Friends!
I'm Rabbi Rome

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life scouring every Jewish book I could find that talked about higher conscious living, personal development and coming closer to Hashem. I had the privelege of  studying in the most prestigious Kabbalah Academies in Israel and with the true living masters of our generation.

I drank the sweet nectar of the great Chassidic masters spending countless nights mapping out their profound teachings on the mechanics of human psychology and behaviour.

Wanting to see how all the secular sciences were rooted in the infinite wisdom of Hashem’s Torah, I ventured out learning the most up to date and cutting edge neuro-science change and transformation modalities. In addition to being an ordained rabbi, I became certified Master NLP & TFT practitioner and certified professional Hypnotherapist.

And finally after sifting, systemitizing and simplifying, I’ve taken all the knowledge and experience from the last 20 years and created a course that seamlessly integrates it all.

Storm Heaven's Gates and Make it Rain!

What happens when you supercharge your Emuna and Bitachon and start living geula?


Overcome bad habits and cravings and harness the extraordinary healing powers of your body.

Financial Security

Open up divine gates, eliminate blocks and bring down oceans of shefa and abundance.

Beautiful Relationships

Master the art of communication and create deep and powerul bonds with others.

Imagine if you had the powerful and practical tools to:

Know your Purpose

Clear away the clutter and noise and listen to what your soul came into this world to do.

Release Fear and Anxiety

Learn how to rapidly create emotional shifts and flood your heart with joy, clarity and love.

Change Limiting Beliefs

Access your subconscious mind and install healthy, empowering beliefs.

Heal Yourself and Others

Discover the real causes for pain and illness and learn to heal them from the root.

Learn from the ancient & authentic torah sources

All texts have been translated, rendered and optimized for clear and simple understanding.

Kabbalah & Chassidut

Revealed Torah

Cutting edge neuro-science

Learn professional up-to-date techniques to help you achieve your Geula Life.

What's in the program?

7 Weeks of in-depth online training

Week 1

Geula Goals

Shift out of an Egypt Mindset and into Israel Mindset by creating a detailed vision for the main areas of your life and focus on where you want to be.

Week 2

Kosher Transformation

Stay aligned with the Will of the Creator and be protected from Ego-driven desires that surround most self-development programs.

stones, pebbles, stack

Week 3

Mechanics of the Mind

Learn the nuts and bolts of consciousness and human psychology  and learn to harness the forces that drive our habits and behaviour.

Week 4

Introduction to Devekut

Learn the lost art of Hitbonenut and how to rapidly enter into profound deep states of focus, awareness and relaxation.

Week 5

Change & Transformation Techniques

Learn powerful and professional tools from Clinical NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Guided Imagery and more.

Week 6

Kabbalah Unifications

Learn to use your new tools to connect and unify all dimensions of reality and reveal the Infinite Oneness of the Creator.

Week 7

Action Plan & Roadmap

Learn how to make a massive action plan and take concrete, practical steps to, God willing, make your geula vision a reality.

Learn at your own pace:

All content is pre-recorded and released each week so you can learn whenever and wherever you want:

What People Are Saying

"My mind is blown! this is exactly what this generation needs. Now I really know how to bring down the shefa!"
Shalom L.
"This is what I've been looking for! Rabbi Rome has helped me to infuse my day with joy and heartfelt intention!
Noach O.
"Rabbi Rome inspires radical amazement in his students. The exercises make the most esoteric ideas super practical.
Amir B.

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